Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a way to effortlessly share a digital form of your restaurant menu? With Easy Make Social Plus QR Code digital menu generator you can create your digital menu for your restaurant. All you need to do is, create a store using Easy Make Social Plus and then generate a QR code. Then this QR code digital menu can be accessed from Facebook Messenger and from outside of the Messenger using a browser.

This will give easy access to the digital menu of your restaurant to your clients. There are many benefits to creating your restaurant menu more digital-friendly. When you use QR codes to do so, it’s even better as the benefits can be experienced by you and your clients.

Now we will look into how to create a QR Code digital menu for a restaurant. You don’t need any Easy Make Social Plus add-ons to create a QR code digital menu.

First, you need to create a store for your restaurant and add all the food items you want to put on the digital menu. You can create categories and add food items to your store from the “E-commerce store”. To know how to create an eCommerce store using Easy Make Social Plus, please watch the below video or read the blog on “How To Create E-Commerce Store Inside Messenger With Easymakesocialplus”.

Easy Make Social Plus can produce two types of QR codes for a digital menu. One is to use for Facebook Messenger and the other one for the outside of the Messenger, in any browser. Easy Make Social Plus E-commerce store also has the options for a delivery point or pickup point. Let’s imagine you have created a store for your restaurant using Easy Make Social Plus. Now you want to create a QR code menu for your restaurant. General QR code for the Messenger or the outside of the Messenger, could be used by your customers to order food. In this case, the customer would have to select the delivery points or serving points, in the case of a restaurant it could be the Tables in your restaurant. For example, if the customer is on table number 3, then they will have options to select Table number 3 as a delivery point.

When a customer is at the Table and making an order, it’s a hassle for the customer to select the delivery point as the customer is already inside the restaurant and sitting at the table, isn’t it? To solve this pEasy Make Social Plushas the option to create a QR code table-wise. You can create different QR codes for a different table. Table wise QR code will automatically select the table number as the delivery point. So, your customer doesn’t need to know the table number where they are sitting and making the order.

You can create as many delivery points as you want. After that, we will create the QR code. We can create a general QR code or Table wise QR code. .

From the right-side Actions menu click on the QR Menu option to create a QR menu. When you click on the QR Menu option, the interface to create a QR menu will appear.

From here select your store for a general QR code menu for all and select a particular delivery point to create a QR code for a particular delivery point. Each type of QR code will have two different versions, one is to use on Facebook Messenger and the other one would be for the outside of the Messenger (Useable in any browser).

Download the QR code and print it to put on the Table of your Restaurant. Your guest can Scan the QR code to access the digital menu. Guest can select food, make a payment, and get the food on the table.